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No one is perfect. People make mistakes. Everybody does. A thousand people may have made the same mistake and never been noticed. But if you made the same mistake and it results in legal prosecution, it does matter to you. The mistake is called a crime. If it falls within certain arbitrary parameters, the crime becomes a felony and if you are convicted—Federal Prison is the punishment. Federal Prison separates you from your loved ones, from your friends, from your life, from society at large. It may be justified, it may not in your case, but it is a severe punishment that is meted out by the government. If the courts have said your mistake rises to the level of a felony, you must spend time in Federal Prison. The United States, notoriously, incarcerates more of its citizens per capita than any other country on earth. If you are reading this now, you have probably been personally affected by this cold statistic. Either you or your spouse or your fiancée or your child or parent or friend are going to be or are in federal prison. It may be about to happen, it may be down the road, or someone you know may already be spending their time in custody.

The length of the sentence is supposed to reflect the seriousness of the crime and discourage recidivism; the tendency to reoffend, but over punishment is rampant and is contrary to public perception. People are thrown into prison and abandoned by society. As if the publicity and humiliation of going to prison is not bad enough, sentences of years upon years are doled out casually by judges, ruining people’s livelihoods, marriages, and futures. Some may be deserved, but many are not.

A good attorney will do his best to minimize the length of incarceration; he will work with the prosecution and the judge to try and keep the sentence reasonable. Your lawyer is one of the few people on your side in the legal process, but he is limited. Everybody else in the system is working to prosecute you. Even the best attorney is over-matched, confronting the infinite resources of the government on a budget that is limited to the size of your bank account. Thus the defendant gets over sentenced. On the other hand, if you are unfortunate enough to have a mediocre or a poor attorney, and they are everywhere, you can find yourself in a situation that is beyond belief and defies logical reasoning. Your results are not only worse, they can be tragic! Imprisonment is inevitable and becomes extensive. This is why we are prison consultants. This is why we care. This is the reason you need the Prison Consulting Group.

The Prison Consulting Group exists as a resource for the individual victimized by the system and facing the possibility of incarceration on the federal level. We exist to provide help and solutions to the problems and challenges confronting the defendant or the inmate, from the day he is first investigated, through his guilty plea or trial, through his Presentence Investigation Examination, through his sentencing, and during his entire time in federal prison. We are with him and his family all the way, all that time, to help, counsel, and assist. We are with them to the end of his last day of supervised release and everything in between. Prison can be relentless, heartless, and dangerous. Prison Consulting Group stands as a barrier against the brunt of the prison system, managing the challenges of prison with knowledge, skills, and the ability to utilize the rules of the Bureau of Prisons to the best advantage for our clients. We work to get you home as soon as possible, with sentence reduction programs that can cut months and years off a sentence handed down by the Court. This is where the Prison Consulting Group shines.

Much of the ordeal facing a federal defendant heading to prison is indescribable. We know what the experience is like and we are here to mitigate your fears and apprehension and to reduce the length of time you are incarcerated. The Prison Consulting Group follows the rules and regulations of the Bureau of Prisons and uses them to the advantage of the inmate. Prison Consulting Group makes the experience as brief as legally possible. Prison Consulting Group makes the experience as tolerable as legally possible. Prison Consulting Group makes the experience as safe as legally possible. This is why we are prison consultants. This is why we care. This is the reason you need the Prison Consulting Group.

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Prison Consulting Group LLC is a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Largo, Florida. We provide information, consultation, and program positioning to individuals facing federal incarceration. We are experts in the field of federal incarceration and the multitude of Bureau of Prisons’ programs, policies, and procedures. Our mission is to help federal inmates receive the most favorable net sentence allowable, assist and counsel the inmate and his/her family during this arduous time, and help the inmate return to his/her home as soon as possible. We accomplish this by utilizing our expertise and knowledge in the field of federal incarceration, our contacts in the Bureau of Prisons’ system, and working closely with the defendant’s attorney or legal team. You may contact us the following ways:

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