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Going to prison is fraught with stress, trepidation, and apprehension. You fear the worst, you don’t know what is coming, and your expectations are frightful and overwhelming. Of course you are afraid. Of course you are anticipating the worst. You are at the mercy of your imagination and ignorance about the system. How could it be otherwise? Are there beatings where you are going? Are there sexual assaults? Will there be murderers, rapists, and thugs near or all around you? If you have never been to Federal Prison before, how are you to expect to know these things? Your lawyer is not a reliable source of this information. It is not his area of expertise.

And it is not only about you, of course. Just as importantly, what about your family, what about your loved ones and those that depend on you? How will they deal with life without you and your support? How will they deal with your absence? Will you have to endure without them or will they be able to come and visit you? Will you be close enough to allow this? Is there anything you can do to improve your chances? Are you are facing this future without any control or hope of improvement? Are you totally without help after your lawyer has arranged the best sentence he can? Is it as bad as you have heard over the years? Or are there ways, with the right direction, you can get the help you need to actually manage your circumstances and affect the environment you are walking blindly into now? Can you get the knowledge to distinguish what is true and what is false about what is coming? Does someone have the answers to ward off the worst of what you are worried about? Knowledge is power. Information is the key. Where can you get this information? Do not succumb to the paralyzing fear that is the result of not knowing; it only increases the desperation of your situation and it is unnecessary. There are things you can do to significantly change matters for the better.

Your time in Federal Prison may not be ideal, but it can be far from your worst fears. You must be proactive to help your condition, there are steps that can be taken, information that you can obtain, results that you can achieve. White collar or blue collar, minimum security or high security, a long sentence or a short sentence, you do not have to be a piece of meat, manhandled and powerless in the system. There are ways to affect your situation and make it better. Let the Prison Consulting Group, LLC, show you. Do not depend on the lazy, jaded, and incompetent staff of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). It is not in their best interest in improving your life and they will not go out of their way to assist you. From instructions about the daily routine to preparing for strip searches, lock downs, and shakedowns, they will give you as close to no help as they can and still keep their jobs. The Prison Consulting Group (PCG) addresses these deficiencies, educates the client, and aims to make their experience as short and manageable as possible. Your time in Federal custody can be a long, unbearable ordeal or a purposeful time-out, by utilizing the BOP’s own sentence reduction programs. The rules can be used to work for you with our assistance or work against you by the bureaucracy. It is your choice but for us to help you or you to help yourself, you must know how things work, when, and why. The Prison Consulting Group takes advantage of our knowledge of the system, its programs and applications, to guide our clients down the most advantageous path they can take for sentence reductions, best conditions, closest facilities to their families, furloughs, and the longest Halfway House/Home Detention time possible. We strive to make your time in custody the most manageable, the least traumatic, and the shortest possible. We can help both you and your family in this regard.

You have questions to which we can supply answers, you have concerns which we can address, and you have problems or deficiencies which we can resolve. We can answer your questions, calm your concerns, solve and abate your problems. PCG provides you answers from the time of your arrest, through your release from prison and continuing during your halfway house, home detention, and supervised release. We are there for the long haul, a continuing guide and foundation for you and your loved ones. We can reduce the stress and helplessness you are feeling and be there for planning and support. Prison Consulting Group at its most basic will tell you what is coming and how to best handle it. It will equip you with the knowledge you need to adjust smoothly into the new and unfamiliar environment of life on the inside. Time will go faster, assimilation will be smoother, and your experience will be more purposeful and targeted. Prison Consulting Group is designed to support those in custody, assisting them with their goals, helping them to finish their sentences as soon as possible, and all this with dignity.

The US Prison Consultants on the Prison Consulting Group staff have experienced and studied the process of federal incarceration first hand in order to best be able to relay the entire process, its strengths and weaknesses, effectively to you. PCG recaps the world of Federal Prison as it will happen for you. It is not necessary to go into it with your eyes closed, anymore. There is no need to be intimidated or threatened on your journey to federal prison with PCG services helping you each step of the way. The Prison Consulting Group was created to help defendants facing federal incarceration and inmates already incarcerated as well as the families of these inmates. You may be the average person who has made a mistake and you do not deserve to experience irrational fear or worry. The PCG US Prison Consultants are here to help.

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Prison Consulting Group LLC is a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Largo, Florida. We provide information, consultation, and program positioning to individuals facing federal incarceration. We are experts in the field of federal incarceration and the multitude of Bureau of Prisons’ programs, policies, and procedures. Our mission is to help federal inmates receive the most favorable net sentence allowable, assist and counsel the inmate and his/her family during this arduous time, and help the inmate return to his/her home as soon as possible. We accomplish this by utilizing our expertise and knowledge in the field of federal incarceration, our contacts in the Bureau of Prisons’ system, and working closely with the defendant’s attorney or legal team. You may contact us the following ways:

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Call us at (954) 522-2254. If we are out of the office, please leave a message including your name, telephone number(s), and best time to contact you and your call will be returned promptly. Week-end and after hours emergency calls are handled without delay.


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