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The Prison Consulting Group (PCG) has a program for eligible inmates for application to the Bureau of Prison’s Compassionate Release process. Compassionate Release is a specific form of sentence reduction that grants an early release to a federal inmate who meets the qualifications. There are only four (4) sentence reduction programs that the Bureau of Prisons offers. They are the Second Chance Act Program, the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP, the Commutation of Sentence Program, and the Compassionate Release Program.

In the case of a federal applicant, the Prison Consulting Group (PCG) has a two-step program to first determine if the federal inmate has a reasonable opportunity in meeting the eligibility requirements. This is accomplished by meticulous research and careful review of Central Office documents, Court documents, the Presentence Investigation Report, any and all information from the family including medical documentation, special needs documentation, special circumstances documentation, and a thorough review of the applicant’s prior life history and family history.

The Prison Consulting Group (PCG) methodically and diligently looks for any documentation, research, records, and inmate qualifications and situations that demonstrate circumstances that are so exceptional and compelling as to justify consideration for Compassionate Release. Once this is accomplished we move on to the second phase of our Program.

The second phase or Phase Two is the actual writing of the Compassionate Release Submission Document. Our Submission Document accounts for the safety factors that must support the decision, the circumstances arising since the original judgment that the court did not foresee or could not have been foreseen reasonably, the benefits to the inmate, his family, and/or society from such early release, and an inmate’s plans after release, including his financial, social, and emotional support. Compassionate Release guidelines include general, medical, and/or calamitous family situations. We cover them all in our report.

Once PCG has completely and thoroughly assessed the inmate’s personal circumstances and/or that of his family, we contact the BOP and apply with our request for their motion to be submitted under 18 U.S.C. 3582(c)(1)(A) utilizing the guidelines commentary of the Sentencing Commission. We leave nothing to chance in the process. Once we have completed our report, the inmate must sign the completed application for Compassionate Release. It contains our supporting documents, historical information, evidence, medical and psychological records, corroborating data mined from financial and case files, and professional conclusions, as appropriate. We cover everything that could affect your case.

Of course, strict procedures and rules are set in place by the BOP and must be followed carefully. PCG is familiar with all regulations and continuously stays on top of any changes, proposals for change, hindrances, political influences, and new disqualifications. Also, in April of 2013, the United States Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General stated in a report and found that “an effectively managed compassionate release program would result in cost savings for the BOP, as well as assist the BOP in managing its continually growing inmate population and the significant capacity challenges it is facing.”

PCG is recognized nationally as the leader in its development of its streamlined and effective Compassionate Release Program. Check with us today for any Compassionate Release help you or your loved one may be eligible for.

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