Inmate Furloughs

A Vacation from Federal Prison!

At its simplest, the Federal Inmate Furlough Program developed by the Bureau of Prisons gives permission to an inmate to leave his designated federal penal institution for a specific period of time, an authorized leave of absence. The duration of a Furlough varies from 16 hours for a Day Furlough to a full 7 day Furlough, each available at different times in an inmate’s sentence. In this way, Furloughs are of various lengths and purposes but they usually are unescorted, free of supervision by any staff members or law-enforcement personnel. There are medical treatment furloughs, emergency furloughs, funeral-attendance furloughs, and transfer furloughs but Prison Consulting Group (PCG) has found most furloughs applied for are social furloughs, those that allow the inmate to spend the entire awarded time with his family and loved ones. Inmates universally report social furlough time as the happiest time of their sentence.

Of course, there are different rules to follow and different eligibilities that apply for different types and lengths of furloughs. There is a requirement regimen to meet, and an application process that can be unnecessarily byzantine. Furloughs come with a maze of stipulations, behavior restrictions, and conditions. You cannot just walk up to a staff member and ask “Can I go home now for a little while?” no matter how many standards you meet. Procedures must be followed and the less familiar you are with these procedures, the more time they take and the less likely you are to be approved. That is where the Prison Consulting Group shines!

We at the Prison Consulting Group have years of successful experience navigating the maze of forms and protocol necessary to best prepare the federal inmate for any and all of his Furlough needs. We unravel the sometimes contradictory nature of the bureaucratic process. We eliminate unnecessary duplication along the way, shorten the timeline, and streamline as it is called for. We educate the inmate and his family as we present necessary documentation to the decision-makers in the BOP. We make sure in advance that the inmate conforms to policy regulations and we present them in the appropriate order. We justify the Inmate Furlough, establish the inmate’s security and custody issues to eliminate any ambiguity, and document all conditions of departure and return.

Some people think of a furlough as a reward for good behavior. It is not. Good behavior is necessary, of course but a Furlough is not a reward for good behavior. At least six months of clear conduct is necessary to be considered for an overnight social furlough. But even then, it is not automatic. It is a privilege to have a furlough bestowed upon you by the BOP and not a right. The BOP can make it as hard as they want on you and make you jump through hoops if you do not know what you are doing. It is at the BOP’s discretion. We do not push against them to achieve this goal but rather work professionally with them and their raft of Program Statements, rules and regulations to expedite your goal of a Social Furlough.

If you or a loved one would like to determine your eligibility for an Inmate Furlough, let the specialists at the Prison Consulting Group assist you and your family in bringing this to fruition with a minimum of bother and detail. There are too many regulations and hoops you must go through to try to be successful on your own. A Federal Inmate Furlough is a vacation from Federal Prison. Why take a chance on being denied? Contact us with any questions you may have and you will receive a prompt reply. We are here to help.

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