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Standards set by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) concerning inmate transfers can be confusing and contradictory. We understand this. Inmates are transferred from one federal prison to another, in the process also known as redesignation. Inmates may be moved for a variety of reasons, some of which make sense, many of which do not. Each transfer has a stated objective and given goal to achieve. The transfer can be an escorted transfer, with armed U. S. Marshals, or an unescorted one, i.e., going by yourself or with your family. Sometimes inmates ask for transfers themselves without any help from a professional and knowledgeable consulting company like the Prison Consulting Group. These often result in transfers in which the inmate has no say in the destination facility and the inmate often goes to a federal prison he/she does not want to go to. Often they are moved without any say in the decision or the timing also. Some reasons for transferring an inmate without his consent can be the result of a disciplinary problem with an inmate’s behavior, a perceived danger to the inmate, or decisions involving overcrowding or even irreconcilable personality clashes with staff. The point is the inmate has no say in his destination with a disciplinary transfer unless he calls us. He must be proactive.

If an inmate wants to transfer closer to his home and family, eighteen months of clear conduct in general population is required. This type of inmate transfer is called a Nearer Release Transfer and the goal is to transfer an inmate nearer his home or release residence. Inmates are only to be transferred to a commensurate security level institution—minimum, low, medium, high, or administrative, with a Nearer Release Transfer. There are other stipulations in a Nearer Release Transfer which the Prison Consulting Group diligently looks at and prepares documents to both the DSCC and BOP for the inmate for this transfer. Often this type of transfer is desirable when, despite BOP policy, they were unable to place an inmate initially within a 500 mile radius from their home and family. This happens more and more as the system overfills some prisons that were never designed to house the huge populations crammed into them.

Unfortunately, the process of designating the inmate initially has become chaotic and as a result the system is inundated with transfer requests. It requires a skillful and experienced hand to properly compose and follow through with a successful Nearer Release Transfer, a hand from the Prison Consulting Group.
Even if a nearer Release Transfer is not possible, there are other types of transfers, with different regulations and guidelines, that can accomplish what the inmate requires but does not have the knowledge for. We have the experience and knowledge to recognize these. There are transfers for Program Participation Transfers such as for the RDAP Drug Program, Lesser Security Transfers, Greater Security transfers, Witsec Transfers, Medical Transfers, Cooperation Transfers, State-to-Federal Transfers, Disciplinary Transfers, and Emergency Transfers. Every kind has a different set of rules; every kind has its own timetable and eligibility.

There are ways to get an inmate moved that under normal circumstances would not be possible. The Prison Consulting Group (PCG) personnel are experts in determining such instances and, if they are possible, accomplishing them. PCG works within the framework of the BOP and its associated Program Statements and we use their own rules to perform inmate transfers, even in cases they could easily be denied otherwise. If the inmate is eligible for any of the transfers in the BOP system, we have the experience and knowledge to recognize and take advantage of it. We provide full documentation to support and justify the transfer request and stand up for the inmate when an institution of the BOP or even the Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC) in Grand Prairie, Texas, makes the wrong decision or gives faulty results. They have to obey their own rules. We have the insight to use this fact wisely.

We at the Prison Consulting Group (PCG) are experts at analyzing a transfer situation and coming up with the best avenue, as well as alternatives, to bring the request to fruition. We give advise, teach, and make everything clear for eligible inmates throughout the process in order to facilitate their federal prison transfer. We are proficient with all the BOP requirements, custody and security issues, and inmate transfer procedures. If a family member or a loved one needs any type of an inmate transfer, go to the professionals who succeed, go to the Prison Consulting Group. We are here to get you results.

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