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When a defendant is sentenced in federal court, the Federal District Judge renders the verdict on an official court document named the Judgment in a Criminal Case. This document, otherwise simply known as The Judgment, sets forth the length of the sentence, specifies the offense(s) involved, includes orders for reimbursement for fines and restitution, if any, and defines the supervised release terms when the sentence has been served. Along with the Presentence Investigation Interview Report, PSI/PSR, it is one of the most important single documents affecting the defendant. It can positively or negatively affect a federal inmate’s incarceration and release from prison in many ways for years to come. Some portions of it that the Judge orders are mandatory and must be followed to the letter by the Bureau of Prisons. Other portions are classified as simply recommendations, important enough that the Bureau of Prisons attempts to fulfill them, but is not legally bound to do so. The staff at the Prison Consulting Group are experts at consulting with your defense attorney to convince the sentencing judge to provide you as many of these beneficial sentencing recommendations and enforceable inclusions as the law allows. This means everything from Sentence Reduction Programs, to Prison Designation, to Restitution payment schedules, and Reporting to Prison by self-surrender. These are issues that can greatly affect the quality and duration of your imprisonment.

The importance of the Judgment and Judicial Recommendations cannot be overstated in this regard. One of the Prison Consulting Group’s top priorities is to make sure our clients receive the proper Judicial Recommendations so their life in federal prison will not be negatively impacted more than going to federal prison in the first place will do. We strive to make sure our clients receive the necessary and sensible Judicial Recommendations. It is one of Prison Consulting Group’s top priorities to improve the worst elements of the Judgment that the Bureau of Prisons receives and acts upon. We research eligiblility for RDAP classes and Second Chance Act Programs so that, by incorporating them in the Judgment, via Judicial Recommendations we ensure our clients the best possible positioning for placement into these important sentence reduction programs. There is no room for error when years of one’s life are at stake.

We will help you decide and then with your attorney’s assistance choose which federal prison institution you will be recommended for. This is called Designation and is vitally important. We will educate you as to what programs sponsored by the BOP will be of the most value to you for sentence reduction and restitution. There are many programs for drug abuse, education, and vocational training you can choose from but only a few will benefit you with a sentence reduction. We know which ones to guide you toward and which ones are not worth your trouble. We strive to make sure they are clearly and accurately specified in the Judicial Recommendations.

You have to prepare this groundwork well in advance of your sentencing date. We start laying the foundation for the Judicial Recommendations after your Pre Sentence Interview (PSI) and always prior to sentencing. You must be proactive in this regard just as we are. In Prison Designations there are dozens of considerations to take into account, including prison census, rated capacity, designation capacity, overcrowding, educational classes offered, violence on the grounds, jobs available, co-conspirators, Central Inmate Monitoring (CIMS), and many, many others. Federal prison programs like the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program must be analyzed and examined for demand, sufficiency, waiting lists, bilingual classes, and many other protean issues. This is exactly what the Prison Consulting Group does.

Call the Prison Consulting Group to make sure these important Judicial Recommendations are included in your Judgment. Do so before it is too late. Do not wait until after your sentencing to realize you did not do everything you could to make your life in federal prison as less intrusive and as less disturbing as possible. You owe it to yourself!

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