MINT Program

Pregnant and Facing Federal Prison—Mothers & Infants Nurturing Together (MINT)

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) offers a special program called Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together, aka, (MINT) for women who are pregnant at the time of commitment. İt is designed to promote bonding between the expectant mother and the newborn after delivery in a contracted hospital and to help teach and develop parenting skills. It is strictly for minimum security female inmates who are within three months of giving birth. They must have less than five years left on their sentence.

In the MINT program, expectant inmates engage in both pre-natal and post-natal programs to facilitate the birth and enhance the mother’s childcare abilities. The MINT sites are specialized Halfway Houses which also offer substance abuse treatment for those with dependency problems, counseling for the physically and emotionally abused, financial instruction, and programs for vocational rehab and secondary education. Before giving birth, the mother must coordinate with a custodial surrogate to take care of the child if she must remain incarcerated afterward. She will not be allowed to take the child back to prison with her. If the inmate has a suitable family member or relative that is willing to take custody, they can appoint this individual the designated custodian or guardian. Otherwise, the staff or community social service organization can help with the child’s placement until the mother is released from custody.

The inmate/mother or their appointed guardian must bear the responsibility for the child and its medical care while residing at the MINT facility. In several MINT Program Centers, the facility will assist in the arrangements for medical assistance for medical treatment and supplies with food stamps for the infant under certain conditions and stipulations. The Prison Consulting Group knows the MINT Program, knows the stipulations and conditions and knows who to contact and how to get the expectant mother into a MINT facility and set up these medical assistance programs. We navigate all the rules, procedures, restrictions, guidelines, and regulations for the expectant mother/inmate and the family. The inmate typically has three months to bond with and help nurture the newborn. Certain MINT facilities, will allow the inmate may stay even longer, up to eighteen (18) months. If you are pregnant and going to federal prison wouldn’t you rather spend up to 18 months with your newborn in a birthing facility rather than federal prison? A facility that allows you to go out and do supervised shopping for your baby and watch your baby develop and grow. Isn’t that better than going to federal prison and never see your baby.

The Prison Consulting Group’s main goal is to place the mother in a MINT location which allows an 18-month stay. The longer this period of bonding lasts, the better for both the mother (inmate) and the child. PCG provides all the necessary instruction to your lawyer, contacts the appropriate MINT facility, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the Judge, and the Designation and Sentence Computation Center, DSCC, as necessary. We confirm space availability and develop the entire packet for MINT program eligibility and security and custody clearances. Everything you need, as an expectant mother and our client, is contained in our MINT Program.

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