Pre-Sentence Report Examination

PSR Report Examination—Why it is necessary!

The Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) is the most important document the defendant facing federal incarceration will have in his entire life—ever. The information in the Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report (PSR) comes from the Presentence Investigation Interview (PSI) that the defendant had previously with a Probation Officer, P. O. The PSR follows the defendant throughout his sentence, affecting the length of sentence, eligibility for sentence reduction programs, harshness of treatment, medical attention, all the factors surrounding incarceration, and includes his subsequent supervised release. It is treated as gospel, printed in stone, and so it must be examined by the defendant thoroughly upon its completion before the judge sees it. It must be complete and accurate. It not only has to say the right things, but say them in the right context and in the right place.

The author of the PSR, the designated Probation Officer composing it, is supposed to be unbiased so there is a balance to the text, ensuring the defendant does not get cast in an unfairly negative light. However, the Probation Officer works for the government’s Justice Department, the team who is prosecuting the case, and so we often see a lack of this ideal neutrality. Not only must you be honest, thorough, and precise throughout the interview after careful preparation for it, but afterward, prior to the presentation to the judge, you must make certain it is examined to guarantee it is accurate, truthful, and everything that you say and have prepared for is included. Unfortunately, Probation Officers have a tendency to leave certain items out that may benefit you. We call this selective memory. All important facts have to be included and properly placed. Information in the wrong category can get overlooked. A word omitted or extra one added can entirely change the context of your testimony. This will affect you unduly in the years to come, so it must be verified initially, before the judge rules on your case and your sentence length and before you start serving that sentence. This is imperative.

Your attorney is schooled in preparing you for a possible defense during trial, negotiating a plea arrangement, looking at the offense level, and sentencing range, and upward and downward departures. This is what they are trained for. Unfortunately, in reviewing a PSR that is just not enough. We look for words, statements, or items that may preclude you from the Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP, or the Second Chance Act, both programs which may reduce your sentence considerably. We look for those items which may negatively affect your designation to a suitable facility, affect your chances for a furlough, or simply adversely affect your treatment in federal prison. These are items your attorney has no knowledge of and cannot do. We can and we do and we present these to your attorney for filing objections.

By the rules of the Court, you and your attorney will have an opportunity to make any necessary corrections to the text of the PSR report. Inaccurate or misleading information in the report will affect the defendant for the duration of his case, all the way through BOP custody and supervised release. Mistakes in the PSR will be exponentially magnified for years to come. It can raise your length of detention and place of detention which may have much harsher conditions than necessary or required. You can be refused participation in meaningful educational and sentence reduction programs offered by the Bureau of Prisons. Transfers and furloughs can be delayed or refused. It is too important an issue to not have your PSR examined carefully and thoroughly by someone who knows what to look for. This is your only chance to amend or change your PSR.

If you are negatively affected by inaccuracies in your PSR report (and an overwhelming majority of mistakes are negative), your chances of correcting it after sentencing are microscopic. It is practically impossible. Prison Consulting Group can conduct this examination for you. Our PSR Examination Program exists because of the epidemic of careless errors and errors of omission, problems not often caught by your attorney that can cause you problems right away and for years down the road. We suggest corrections in the categories that can result in significant changes to your quality of incarcerated life, length of sentence, and place where your sentence will be carried out. The Probation Officer may have misunderstood something or given the wrong impression when he wrote it down. Details may have been omitted. In the end, it all must be made right or the consequences will be to your disadvantage. Your objections must be listed and noted. Our service, knowing what we know, will help the list be complete. If you and your attorney are not familiar with the consequences of proper description and text in the PSR report which involve the BOP rules, it will negatively affect you in the months and years to come. You cannot plan for the contingencies and vagaries built into the system. To ensure the best consequences, make certain that all the Probation Officer’s mistakes are corrected and that all that needs to be said in the proper categories in the report are included. The Prison Consulting Group is here to do just that.

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