Presentence Investigation Preparation—why it is so important!

The first step in the sentencing process immediately after the plea is the Pre Sentencing Interview (PSI). It consists of the life story of the defendant with an emphasis on their criminal record as told to an appointed probation officer who comes prepared to ask an extensive barrage of general and specific questions, the answers to which constitute a report from 15 to 50 pages in length comprising all the areas of your life the justice system is interested in. This PSI report is used by the Judge presiding over your case, the Bureau of Prisons supervising your incarceration, and the Probation Department overseeing your Supervised Release years down the road. The PSI report will follow you throughout your sentencing, incarceration, and probation. It will influence your prison term, pre- and post-judgment sentence reductions, prison programs, security level, conveniences provided, designation, treatment, medical or mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and much more. There are few aspects of the incarceration experience it does not affect. It constitutes the most important interview the defendant will ever have.

This is why the Prison Consulting Group offers to help their clientele prepare in advance for this event. We confirm the client has all the information that will be necessary for him to have at the PSI interview, especially that which affects sentencing and post-sentencing considerations. After all, the information provided by the authoring Officer of the Pre-Sentence Interview is a huge factor in the client’s prison sentence. We know what information will allow a sentence to be changed subsequent to the Judge’s verdict and Commitment Order. We know what will maximize Halfway House and allow Home Detention where possible. We want to be able to guide our client through the Interview with the truth told to your maximum advantage. Remember, if not carefully worded, your PSI can put you in a very bad light to the judge who reads the PSI and the impression it leaves on him. Remember, the PSI is the major factor in determining your sentence. Your testimony must be precise, honest, and complete to gain strategic position. This document, more than any other document in your entire federal case, affects your future. Do not take it for granted. You do not dare omit important information for the programs and enhancements you will want to take in the future. They will make your life better and, potentially, your sentence shorter. They will ensure you get benefits that you deserve.

Your attorney works on your behalf to get you the best possible deal he is capable of arranging, whether you go to trial or opt for a plea agreement. He concentrates on federal statutes and sentencing guidelines with which he is intimately familiar. He is trained in federal criminal defense law and hopefully with compelling expertise. The Prison Consulting Group is not qualified to render legal advice, although we can work cooperatively in our shared client’s best interest. For in the same manner that we cannot do what a lawyer does, lawyers cannot do what we do. Attorneys are not conversant with the hundreds of BOP policies and programs that exist in their system. They are not personally experienced in their affects and intricate application. They cannot understand through personal experience how much the right word or phrase in a PSI report can alter, help, or hinder a defendant’s life in custody. Your attorney does not stay with you during your imprisonment. He does not know what happens months or even years down the road. We do, and we are there to make sure you enjoy the fruits, benefits, and advantages of how we position you in the PSI, especially your lowest possible sentence.

During the PSI, the Probation Officer will ask for your identification, current and previous addresses, personal and family history, finances, medical problems, prescriptions, and records, education, drinking or drug experience, and past criminal records. You must be prepared with the right answers to help you gain eligibility to the sentence reduction programs the Bureau of Prisons offers. There are only four. This is your only chance. Don’t say something that will preclude you from these programs. Be prepared to go into detail. He will check every fact. He will talk to and sometimes interview family members for corroboration. He may even consult your clergy, doctors, and counselors, if any. You should not attend the PSI interview by yourself. We recommend highly that your attorney accompany you.

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