Prison Designation

Where You Go to Prison is just as important as How long you are there!

What is prison designation? Once sentenced, a defendant must be prepared for the next step, the prison to which he or she will be placed by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the Initial Designation. Whether the client is immediately taken into custody upon the Judge’s verdict (remanded) or is allowed to self-surrender at a future date, the priority from this point is to get to the safest, closest federal prison facility available at your correct security and custody level. If you are eligible for any sentence reduction programs like the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) they must be offered at your destination prison. You may want to take advantage of vocational rehabilitation classes offered there also. You will want to be able to have family and friends’ visit you and possibly your attorney or your legal team visits you. You will want medical attention for any chronic conditions you may have and need treatment for. You want to be close to your official Release Residence where your family waits for you. You do not want to be placed in a dirty, violent, overcrowded, gang-populated prison facility, yet that is very often what the poorly prepared defendant finds himself thrust into without the influence and expert assistance of the professionals at the Prison Consulting Group.

We make it our job to review the best choices with you and your family and help you to make an informed decision. We even prepare a PCG Designation Spreadsheet© comparing all the facilities in your Region in up to twenty-one, (21) different categories. We make sure you know what is available for you depending on your tastes, interests, and activities you are interested in. We want to have you placed at “the federal prison you want to go to—your choice in your region.” Now is the critical time. Don’t let the choice of your facility rest entirely in the hands of the BOP. They do not care about the individual inmate’s interests. They are in the business of managing bodies by the thousands and without proper input will do whatever is easiest for them. This could mean an Initial Designation completely across the country, thousands of miles from your family and friends. The days of placing a defendant in a facility within 500 miles of his family is long gone due to overpopulation, Management Variables, overcrowding, and the huge influx of drug related and white-collar defendants.

The Prison Consulting Group works in harmony with the client, the Judge, your attorney, and the Bureau of Prisons to coordinate the best possible prison designation taking into consideration all your most important priorities. We take into account overcrowding, Management Variables, Public Safety Factors, rated capacity, security and custody levels, co-conspirators, and CIMS cases which all play a major factor in the BOP’s designation determination. We contact both the scoring arm and the designation arm of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), on your behalf and provide supporting documentation, exhibits, and any medical, psychological, or substance abuse treatment evaluations that you have had or the court has ordered. These evaluations coupled with other information in your legal case history and other factors have a major influence as to the facility you should go to. You must be very proactive in this process to get a favorable designation and we are! Timing is important. This must be done prior to sentencing or within 10 days after sentencing for the most favorable results.

We listen to you and do not shove you into the cookie-cutter assignment at which the BOP excels. We include your legal documents, including the Pre-sentence Report (PSR), Judgment in a Criminal Case, and your online court records vital to this placement, in the process. We contact the proper BOP decision-makers and make certain all your requirements are considered. The best prisons are called Camps. Federal Prison Camps are minimum security, the lowest security level, with the most institutional freedoms of movement, program participation, and visitation. White collar defendants that think they will be assigned to a Camp are often sorrowfully disappointed when leaving the decision in the hands of the Bureau of Prisons. We receive calls every day from defendants who get their designations (assignments to a certain prison) only to find it is thousands of miles from their families or a higher security prison than they should be in. The BOP’s poor research, casual indifference, and thoughtless neglect frequently results in a Minimum-security inmate being unfavorably placed in a Low security prison. Much worse is the Minimum security inmate being placed in a Medium or High security prison. That is a disaster but it happens way too often. It happens without careful preparation and extensive background work which must be done. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Prison Consulting Group can help arrange your prison designation at appropriate security and custody levels reflecting your offense and in a facility as close as possible to your family. We assist you in being placed in a safe facility with less crowded conditions which allows you to participate in the various BOP sentence reduction programs. You certainly do not want to be placed in a facility that does not offer the sentence reduction programs you want and need. What good does that do? Do not let yourself or your loved ones surrender to the whims of the BOP without support from the Prison Consulting Group. Our job is to help. It’s what we do.

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