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The Second Chance Act (SCA) expands the amount of time in a community corrections facility (Halfway House or CCM) available to federal prisoners and it increases it up to 12 months at the end of their sentence. In addition it allows the inmate to spend part of that time in home detention. Before this important sentence reduction legislation was signed into law by President Bush in 2008, the statutory maximum was 6 months or 10% of the defendant’s sentence, whichever is less. Unfortunately, most inmates received much less than that. The Second Chance Act was designed to help address the problems during an inmate’s reentry back into the community after their period of incarceration. The Second Chance Act was designed to make certain that, when appropriate, inmates are considered for up to 12 months pre-release Residential Reentry Center (RRC) placement, during which an inmate may be transitioned to home confinement. Under the provisions of the Second Chance Act, an inmate may spend up to a year in halfway house and/or home confinement instead of a federal prison. This can greatly reduce the inmate’s sentence and reduce the amount of time an inmate is in federal prison.

The Second Chance Act directs the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to consider all the factors that would make such a placement appropriate. They must allow the inmate a fair and credible chance to get ready for reintroduction into society.

Here is what the Prison Consulting Group can do for you:

Prison Consulting Group’s Second Chance Act Program

We draw from all available sources, court documents, attorney notes, the Department of Justice documents, online legal websites, the inmate, legal cases, the inmate’s Presentence Investigation Report (PSR), and family information, to compile the most comprehensive documentation possible demonstrating the defendant or inmate’s eligibility for extended Second Chance placement by the official BOP’s own criteria. We instruct the inmate on the proper positioning behavior and direct him or her as to what to do to meet the BOP and SCA criteria for the greatest halfway house/home confinement award possible. We compose a detailed, point-by-point account of up to 25 pages with supporting documentation and exhibits. We then put this SCA submission document in the hands of the BOP members responsible for his final acceptance into the program.

The staff of the BOP is overworked and jaded. They do not have the time for every inmate to do the research we provide to corroborate their SCA eligibility and, as a result, they do not award the proper Second Chance benefits the SCA was enacted to provide. Inmates have the motivation but do not have the knowledge, resources, or time to be able to do a thorough job themselves. This is where we come in. We do the work for you, position you properly, document your case, put the report in the right hands, and apply for your halfway house/home detention award in a timely fashion. We leave the Bureau of Prisons no reasonable opportunity to deny you extra halfway house time or home detention, covering every facet of your eligibility in the release submission, including proper behavior, personal character, rehabilitation, and social factors.

In addition, we contact your sentencing judge and provide him the same copy of the report that went to the BOP, and ask him to write a recommendation based on the evidence in the report arguing for maximum halfway house/home confinement for you. In addition, we send a letter that statutorily shows the judge his obligation to recommend. We then send this in as part of your Second Chance record of evidence. The BOP is prone to follow such a recommendation, coming as it does from the Court and, in fact, is one of the stipulated factors that they follow when making their determination for your amount of time in halfway house/home confinement.

We do not stop there. We also contact the Regional CCM office that handles your halfway house time, (Community Corrections Management), and follow the process of your halfway house request and important details as to bed space, time limits, and other important factors that need to be addressed.

The Second Chance Act is one of only four sentence reduction programs that the Bureau of Prisons has. The other programs that may reduce an inmate’s time in federal prison are the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP, the Compassionate Release Program, and the Commutation of Sentence Program.
Knowledge, resources, skills, and dedication to our clients are the main reasons our clients receive Second Chance Act additional halfway house and home detention. Don’t settle for less. Call or email us today.

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