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Bureau of Prisons Sentence Reduction Programs-BOP Programs That Get You Home Early

The criminal justice system, or as I like to call it, the American Criminal Prosecutorial System, is flawed and will always be until defendants are really believed innocent until they are proven guilty. So far that does not happen. The process is flawed, biased, and discriminatory.

Suddenly you are the “TARGET” of an investigation and your life changes forever. You know absolutely nothing about the process you are about to face and your life starts on an emotional rollercoaster which keeps going faster and faster. Then you get indicted. You hear words like offense level, sentencing guideline range, the offense point total, upward departures and enhancements, statutory maximums, and minimum mandatory sentences. Then you hear about or may read about alternative sentences, diversion programs, and sentence variances. You again have hope. Your attorney then discloses to you what the prosecutor has offered in a plea agreement, if he even offers a plea agreement. You are back on the rollercoaster. You can always go to trial but you know the prosecution wins 97% of the time. The odds certainly are not in your favor. Your attorney tells you your choices and despair sets in. You now know your sentencing range and you also know that the judge can always go above it.

Your attorney offers two choices—take a plea or go to trial. It is easy for him; he is not the one going to prison for long days, months and years separated from his family. He does not tell you about the four (4) programs that the Bureau of Prisons offers to lower your time in federal prison once you are in prison. He does not tell you because first, he does not know about them, or second, he knows just enough to give you misinformation, half-truths, and cause you to NOT BE ELIGIBLE for the programs. Attorneys just do not know as it is not their job to know. Eligibility for sentence reduction programs and preparation for eligibility to these programs starts now, before your Presentence Investigation Interview, (PSI), and before your Presentence Investigation Report, (PSR), is written. It does not start once you get into prison, by then it is almost always too late. Unfortunately, we get calls every day from inmates in federal prison saying that their attorney told them they qualified for the RDAP program or another sentence reduction program only to find out once they get in prison they do not qualify and they cannot get in. Sometimes we can help this inmate, but other times the inmate has made statements in his PSI interview that simply disqualify him from the program. We know the rules, we know the criteria, we know how to get you qualified for eligibility—we guarantee it!

If you are interested in reducing your stay in federal prison, in reducing your federal sentence, and getting out of prison early—you need to call us now! The best time to call is before your plea and before your Presentence Investigation Interview, PSI. If you already had your PSI interview please call before your sentencing date. We can still help with these programs. If you are in prison already you may or may not be eligible for three of the sentence reduction programs, but you may be eligible for one, the Second Chance Act Program. Now is the time to call.

The only four (4) sentence reduction programs offered by the BOP are the following:

1. The 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP

This program allows the eligible inmate up to twelve (12) months of sentence reduction, depending upon length of original sentence, plus six (6) months of halfway house time. This program can reduce the inmate’s time in federal prison by up to eighteen (18) months.

2. The Second Chance Act Program

The Second Chance Act is a federal law signed by President Bush in 2008 which allows eligible inmates up to 12 months in a halfway house and home detention. This law can reduce the inmate’s time in federal prison by up to twelve (12) months.

3. The Compassionate Release Program

The Compassionate Release is a Bureau of Prison’s program that if granted allows for the early and immediate release of any inmate from incarceration. The Compassionate Release program is based upon federal law written in the United States Code. This Law and program allows the inmate immediate release from federal prison.

4. Commutation of Sentence Program

The Commutation of Sentence Program is a Bureau of Prisons program by which a federally sentenced inmate may file a Petition for Commutation of Sentence in accordance with the proper statutes and laws set forth and may seek four different types of relief—immediate reduction in prison sentence only, remission of fine and/or restitution only, reduction of prison sentence and remission of fine and/or restitution, or a reduction in your period of supervised release.

The Prison Consulting Group is experts in preparing you for eligibility for these programs and determining if you meet the criteria required in each individual program. This is your life and your future. Make sure you know the rules, regulations, and criteria. Go to a professional whose business is to know these rules, regulations, and criteria of these prison sentence reduction programs—the Prison Consulting Group. Call today, 954-522-2254 or 727-678-4400.

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