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Prison Consulting Group provides over 36 services to both federal defendants awaiting the Presentence Investigation Interview and sentencing and to federal inmates already in federal prison. We do this in strict confidence, with affordable skills, experience, and strategy. After a careful assessment of the case and circumstances, we tell our clients what programs are available that can help them under their own personal circumstances and with their unique background. Not all programs are suitable for all offenders. Not everybody qualifies for every sentence reduction program. The Bureau of Prisons offers only four (4) programs that will reduce the sentence of a federal inmate. What will disqualify a client for the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) in some cases can enhance the eligibility for the Second Chance Act Program. It is our business to know these details and strategies, when they apply and when they do not.

There are, for instance, four sentence reduction programs accepted by the Bureau of Prisons currently: the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), the Second Chance Act Program, the Commutation of Sentence Program, and the Compassionate Release Program. Each of these is intricate and sophisticated models, not “one size fits all”. We carefully consider how the offender fits into the parameters of each of these programs before we conclude which they would be best with. If a defendant becomes a client early enough in his prosecution, we can influence the post-sentencing process with up to five judicial recommendations for your attorney to present to your judge in either the Defendant’s Sentencing Memorandum or at sentencing. We carefully assess, compare, and contrast the possible advantages and disadvantage of each alternative. We advise, you decide.

There are many different inmate movement programs that are part of the Bureau of Prisons. The Prison Consulting Group staff are experts in each one. This includes the Designation Program, to determine what prison is best for an inmate including factors like location, demographics of the population, recreational and food considerations, as well as security and custody levels. You certainly do not want to be sent to a prison that has violence, gangs, rapes, and beatings do you?

Another inmate movement program is the Transfer Program. This program is used to re-locate an inmate to a prison which is closer to his home or one that is a lower security level prison, or even one that has one of the sentence reduction programs. It may be just move an inmate to a more appropriate institution.

Still another is the Furlough Program, when an inmate is allowed to leave the prison unescorted for up to seven days and does not have to report back to his facility until the final day. It is exactly like a “vacation from federal prison”. A vacation that your family and loved ones appreciate and a chance for you to spend some quality time with them.

All these programs and many more that the Prison Consulting Group provides have to be set up within a careful framework and time period or they will not happen. We know all the details and are up-to-date with all 289 of the Federal Bureau of Prison’s Program Statements by which they are bound. We follow the BOP’s own rules and policies and put these same rules and policies to work to the client’s best advantage. We have vast experience in the Bureau of Prison’s system and know what worries our clients the most about impending incarceration. We developed the “How to Survive Federal Prison Course” for this very reason. Our Prison Survival Course has been composed with the information necessary to best relieve that stress and anxiety, from the simple act of reporting your first day to that great feeling of walking out on your last day. The Prison Survival Course covers every possible detail or your life in federal prison and goes into great detail as to how your life will change while in your new “gated community”. This course and the Prison Consulting Group helps you prepare in every way possible. When you know what to expect, what is going to happen, and how to handle it, half the battle is won.

The Prison Consulting Group is an expert in the inmate appeal process or the complaint resolution procedure of the Bureau of Prisons. This is called the Administrative Remedy Appeal Procedure which can be difficult and onerous to those who are not familiar with its subtleties. We know every intimate detail and can implement it whenever there is a grievance by an inmate that alleges unfair treatment, whether that treatment is medical, religious, individual, institutional, sexual, or situational. It could also be a denial of a sentence reduction program. We compose and cause to be submitted Administrative Remedies at all four levels, from the local level to the BOP Central Office in Washington, DC., if necessary. These are time sensitive submissions and must be done correctly and appropriately at the exact time to bring about a favorable decision for the inmate. We do this.

If you have any questions about any of these programs or any others, please contact us at by telephone or e-mail. See our contact information below.

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Prison Consulting Group LLC is a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Largo, Florida. We provide information, consultation, and program positioning to individuals facing federal incarceration. We are experts in the field of federal incarceration and the multitude of Bureau of Prisons’ programs, policies, and procedures. Our mission is to help federal inmates receive the most favorable net sentence allowable, assist and counsel the inmate and his/her family during this arduous time, and help the inmate return to his/her home as soon as possible. We accomplish this by utilizing our expertise and knowledge in the field of federal incarceration, our contacts in the Bureau of Prisons’ system, and working closely with the defendant’s attorney or legal team. You may contact us the following ways:

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