Special Inmate Projects

Special Inmate Projects Performed by the Best Felony Prison Consultants

If you have been sentenced to federal prison, you may have some things in common with other inmates who are also in federal prison—the same rules, the same environment, the same destination. You may also be treated like everyone else in the system—a sack of meat to be managed, inventoried, and placed in a specific location until your time is up. At the same time, there are areas of your case and your circumstances that are totally different than everyone else’s. The Bureau of Prisons has a hard time understanding this. But at the Prison Consulting Group we recognize that no two cases are exactly alike. Like fingerprints, each defendant and each inmate is a unique, distinctive, individualized, person who arrived at where he is on a different and diverse path. The Prison Consulting Group knows this and provides individualized, customized, and specific services to all our clients, whether they are defendants or inmates.

The Felony Prison Consultants at the Prison Consulting Group do not pigeonhole our clients into one specific mold. We pride ourselves in treating each client’s case specifically as he or she wants it and provides each one the best possible work and representation possible. PCG always researches the case background of the defendant. We want as soon as possible, even before sentencing, to help provide each client a sense of autonomy and to put some degree of control back in his life. This case investigation, examination, and research allow us to help provide the best possible preparation for the Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) Interview, a crucial factor during this time period. The Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSR) Report is the lynchpin in the defendant’s incarceration, affecting everything from security level, to custody level, to place of incarceration, to medical services, to sentence length, to sentence reduction programs, to Inmate Improvements and Enhancements, and many, many more. Our Special Inmate Projects not only provides individualized and specialized work for the inmate or defendant but also pours the foundation for in the best programs the Bureau of Prisons offers including the only four sentence reduction programs available.

Special Inmate Projects can be any project or service the inmate or defendant wants us to do. A defendant may want an Evaluation for a Pretrial Diversion Program and may also want a Pretrial Diversion Report written. Pretrial Diversion is a specialized program and project we offer in which the defendant, a first time offender, is given a second chance and is not labeled with a felony conviction. Instead of being convicted of a felony and going to prison, he may be sentenced to include such items as community service, halfway house, and supervised release. Pretrial diversion is known by a variety of names to include pretrial intervention, withheld sentencing, withheld adjudication, withdraw and file, good behavior, and deferred prosecution. The results are the same—no felony conviction and no time in federal prison.

Another Special Inmate Project is called Alternative Sentencing. Here we provide an Alternative Sentencing Evaluation on the defendant to determine if he fits the criteria for Alternative Sentencing. Alternative Sentencing may include, for example, a six (6) month term in federal prison with six (6) months of halfway house, and six (6) months of supervised release or community service, instead of an eighteen (18) month term in federal prison.

Other Special Inmate Projects may include researching an inmate’s Management Variables (MGTV) or Public Safety Factors (PSF) and see if they can be waived or removed. Another inmate may want to determine his eligibility for the Crack Cocaine Retroactive Law and the Fair Sentencing Act. These are all Special Inmate Projects that defendants and inmates may want us research and complete for them. The number of requests is limitless and includes the following items also:

  • Federal Prison Camp Criteria
  • Remand to U.S. Marshals Service
  • Self-Surrender vs. Remand to Custody
  • Inmate Transportation, Con Air & Diesel Therapy
  • Prisons’ Unwritten Rules-You must know these!
  • Inmate Financial Responsibility Program assistance
  • Custody and Security Issues
  • Commissary Shopping information
  • Prison’s Black Market information
  • The BOP’s Disciplinary Process
  • College Education while in prison
  • Health and Medical issues
  • Religion and religious issues
  • Inmate Work Assignments
  • Home Confinement information
  • Supervised Release information
  • New Legislation affecting an Inmate’s Length of Sentence
  • Jobs after prison
  • Regaining your rights
  • Expunging or clearing your record

This is only a partial list and every day an inmate or defendant may ask for a Special Project unique to only his case. If so, the Felony Prison Consultants at Prison Consulting Group are there to do it.

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