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RDAP Sentence Reduction of 12 months

Only after $25,000 into an attorney and my husband already in prison, did we realize the enormity of an error in the Presentence Investigation Report. Our attorney would do nothing to help correct the problem and due to the error the BOP was stating that he did not qualify for RDAP. I did some research on the internet and found the Prison Consulting Group. Within one month of hiring them, my husband had conformation he was eligible for the RDAP program, he would receive the 12 month reduction in sentence and would be home twelve months early!! Thank you Prison Consulting Group. Marcia-Pennsylvania

Three (3) Day Furlough

Thank you Prison Consulting Group for all your assistance in helping our loved one attain a furlough. This is a very difficult time for our family and we appreciate your help immensely. We could not have done it without your help. We appreciate your kind work and thank you for being caring and responsive towards our needs. Antoine-North Miami, Florida.

RDAP, Designation, Prison Survival Course, PSI Assistance

After nearly half a century of nothing more criminally serious than a speeding ticket, I found myself facing a potential twenty year sentence. I had made some bad decisions that left my family and me facing the toughest time of our lives. Never having been through this before, I began searching on the internet, library and bookstores for answers and insights. My due diligence led me to enter into an agreement with the Prison Consulting Group. Their service has been world class for both their technical knowledge and information and their willingness to coach me through the emotional rollercoaster my family and I were riding. PCG shows up with understanding, knowledge, and the programs I needed to get to a safe facility, receive a sentence reduction for my alcohol problem, and educate me to the pitfalls to avoid when I entered prison. Their knowledge, understanding, patience, compassion, and 24/7 assistance was way more than I expected. They had the information that my attorney, prosecutor, and the judge lacked—but the information I needed. Bob-Arkansas

ABC 20/20 Television Show – Interviewing National Prison Consultants

I’m producing a piece for the newsmagazine 20/20 about first time offenders going to prison and the seemingly growing industry of prison preparation and consulting. To that end, I was wondering if you would meet with me (in person) with some of your clients and their families…. AND if you might consider us profiling your work?! Ann V., ABC News 20/20

Designation, PSI Preparation, RDAP Sentence Reduction

I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous amount of concern and help during the initial consultation for my family member. It was clear to me that your professional interest and personal commitment to your clients makes this more than simply a job for you, and I greatly appreciated the amount of time you spent with me over the phone. Rather than a quick complementary session, you spoke with me twice–at great length-imparting so much information and advice that I can’t thank you enough. I wish that my family had contacted you sooner in this process, and I know without a doubt that were I ever personally to need the services of a prison consultant, there would be no one else I would think of calling. While no one ever wants to need your services, if such help IS required, I can’t imagine not enlisting in your experience and knowledge to gain a better outcome and support during a difficult process. Thank you again, and all the best. Mary K.—Illinois

Second Chance Act Additional Halfway House Program

Hi Robin—thank you for contacting me. I told Mark you had been very pleasant and helpful – matter of fact, he has recommended you to three of his fellow inmates. Thank you again for all your kind assistance and knowledgeable help for Mark. Thanks to you he is getting 7 months of additional halfway house time and hopefully house arrest. Faye S—Texas

Administrative Remedy Appeal

I received the Administrative Remedy Appeal package (BP-9) from you this morning and have made two copies and sent the original to Oscar. Thank you so much for your excellent work. I know it took a lot of time, expertise and hard work to put together the appeal. I will keep you posted on everything. Thanks again, Yi—California

RDAP, Transfer, Individual Client Research

After my husband was arrested and convicted, I felt lost, lonely, and desperate for some solid advice. I was dying to get some helpful information about anything and everything to do with serving time. Where could I turn? How could I find out what to expect and what my own rights were? What could I find out to help my husband and myself prepare for the future?

I’m so thankful that through long research, my sister discovered the Prison Consulting Group. We ordered the book right away and sent it to my husband who was being held in county jail. It is over 420 pages long but he read it in about 3-4 days. He was so grateful to get his hands on some meaningful and helpful information. Immediately upon finishing the book, he asked me to call PCG and hire you to help him. I did and we both are so glad we did. You told him what to expect in prison, how to prepare for prison, and how to get the best jobs in prison. You got him into the Drug Abuse Program and now he is getting out 10 months early. It has been very therapeutic to have someone on our side that has personal experience in the “system”. We have recommended your book and your services to other friends who are in difficult circumstances and facing incarceration. Thank you again. Tabitha—North Carolina

Alternative Sentencing & Mitigation Program, Designation, Transfer

Working with Prison Consulting Group bridged the gap between what we were facing and what our lawyer could/would tell us. The life experiences of PCG’s consultants gave my wife and I much needed confidence. They had already gone through the process and their knowledge and reliable information helped us prepare for what was about to happen. It’s comforting to know we can call them about anything we are facing in this judicial process.Thank you PCG for helping us through this difficult process. Your knowledge, experience and compassion for what we’re facing has helped us tremendously. Anyone going through the criminal process should at least contact a consultant at PCG. Robin spent so much time with me on the phone during our initial call that it was apparent he wants to help those going through what he went through. Paul—Connecticut

RDAP, Designation, Judicial Recommendations, PSI ReviewSecond Chance Act Additional Halfway House Time

I want to thank you for all the help you have provided to my family. We are all very grateful for your services and greatly appreciate all the effort you put into helping us with our brothers’ incarceration. It meant a great deal to us to get such a quick response from you when we needed it; it showed us that you cared. Thank you for answering any questions and addressing our concerns. Your book was very informative and helped a great deal in preparing our family for the next steps; we would have been lost without you. Thank you again and again. Zarghona—NYC

Oprah Winfrey Television Network – Interviewing National Prison Consultants

It was good speaking with you. I really appreciate your help with our new TV project. As I mentioned to you earlier – each hour -long episode of “My Last 24” features two people going through 2 different life-changing events. I do believe that entering prison is a life-changing event!

Since each story will need to be about 24 minutes long, we will need to do quite a bit of filming for the stories. We would be filming with your client and you during the 5-7 days leading up to their “last 24” moment (entering federal prison). We would follow them through their days as they complete the things they need to do to prepare themselves for their big, life changing event.

We would also want to film sit-down interviews with the people who will be impacted by this event. Usually this would be close family members, as well as professionals who may be helping the individual through the process such as yourself and your company.

Of course, each person will be able to set their own limits and parameters for filming before we proceed. It is usually a collaboration between us and the person involved as to how things progress.

I know this may sound quite intense when written down in an email. Often it is better if I speak with your client and you first and explain it all in person. Perhaps you and your clients could call me with their questions.

You can get in touch with me by email to set up a time to do the interview or call me during office hours. Stacy T.—Oprah Winfrey Channel

Mothers & Infants Nurturing Together Program (MINT)

My name is Mary D, and I am an intern at the National Women’s Law Center. I am currently researching women involvement in the criminal justice system. I am hoping to contact the Federal Bureau of Prison’s Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together (MINT) program. Since you are the foremost prison consulting organization on this subject, I thought that you perhaps would assist me in my research. Please call me at 222-222-2222, thank you. Mary D.—NWLC

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